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Video Analysis Systems are designed to help you transform your video surveillance network into a smart detection system and a valuable resource for business management. Advanced image processing algorithms, such as, people counting or license plate recognition, are being used to recognize and track movement of people and objects to determine their behavior and provide analytical insights. The summary reports can then be displayed as interactive graphs and exported. The system can also trigger other network devices such as alarms, electric gates or digital boards.


Overview of video analytics.

People Counting

As a manager of retail store or shopping center, you want to know how many people and at what time enter and exit the venue. The people counting feature provides you this information as comprehensive graphs so you can make the best decisions regarding item stocking or working schedule management.

Heat Map

Increase your revenues by enhancing the store's layout to reflect shoppers' behavior. You can innovate the product placement strategy, refine promotions and optimize check-out services by using heat map - visual information about customers' density and flow in the store./p>

Dwell time

Improve customer satisfaction by providing prompt product consultation when customer is lingering while making product purchasing decisions.

Crowd Detection

Service customers without delay. You will be automatically notified when the number of customers in the waiting line exceeds the limit so you can open another checkout counter.

Queue management

Know exactly how much time customers spend waiting in the line and optimize the check-out flow by automatically redirecting customers to proper waiting lines for traffic balancing.

Vehicle Counting

Monitor traffic to detect and prevent congestion and manage traffic flow by dynamically opening and closing road lanes and redirecting transit to alternative routes.

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Let only certain vehicles enter restricted areas - any vehicle with license plate which is not on a white list will be immediately reported. You can also use the ALPR to automatically charge highway tolls.

Forbidden direction

Prevent road accidents by detecting vehicles driving in wrong direction. The system will immediately display warnings on electric roadside signs and notify the authorities.

Object Counting

Make sure that the number of items being loaded from warehouse on trucks is correct and no items have been omitted.

Missing Object

Transported items can be stolen during transit. Avoid such situations by monitoring the vehicle interior and detecting any objects that disappear between scheduled offload locations.

Motion detection

Specify what type of motion will trigger predefined events. Depending on the configuration, the object can be anything from a small item falling from a conveyor belt in a production line to a person moving in a restricted area.

Face Detection

In many situations, typically in factories or automated warehouses, many moving objects appear in a scene but it's only the presence of people that should be noted. Face detection is used to recognize people in predefined areas and alert the controlling personnel or stop the machinery.

Enter and exit area

Make sure that any unauthorized person won't enter prohibited area. You can select regions that will be monitored for entrance or exit of people and objects and every such event will trigger a predefined action, for example an alarm.

Line Crossing

An event is triggered every time a person accidentally or intentionally crosses a virtual line. This feature can protect properties (burglar trespassing on private premises) or save human lives (passenger falling from platform into a railway track).

Unattended Object

Unattended objects, such as shopping trolleys left in a parking lot, can be obstacles for pedestrians and cars. However, an abandoned handbag can also pose a severe security threat in a crowded area. You can use video analytics to detect unattended items and deal with them properly.


This feature detects unwanted manipulation with the camera - attempts to break it or refocus and obstruct its view.

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