PON Devices


SSS-OLT-16P-8S is a miniaturization and modularization GEPON OLT, broadband fiber access system platform, developed by XDK. It is fully compliant to IEEE802.3-2005 and Chinese technical requirements of Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON). This product supports integrated access service, such as broadband surf-netting, IP voice, IPTV, CATV and etc.

1、Special Features

 With Twin-star bus 10Gigabit core switch backplane, support non-blocking wire-speed switch, support 1.25G EPON optical fiber access.

 2.5U height, adopt full front-wiring, small size, high capacity, maximum EPON optical fiber interfaces reach up to 16.

 Provide single main control module, single uplink module, single power supply module and 4 service interface modules.

 Support AC/DC dual power supply, with backup power charger and alarm device, support connecting external storage battery directly to do backup power charging protection.

 Support flexible controllable multi-cast, IGMP Proxy/Snooping and etc.

 Support strong VLAN extension functions, including VLAN Stacking/Trunk/Translation, etc.

 Support flexible DBA, uplink/downlink service rate-limited, precision up to 0.2% (Standard requirement<5%)

 Adopt multi LLID and IEEE802.1p technologies, provide multi protection QoS service