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5 Port Gepon ONU w/ CATV

The ONUE5C1 is the Telecom grade GEPON system terminal designed for FTTH and FTTB applications. It offers 1 RS232 console port for local PC management; 1 GEPON SC Port to connect GEPON OLT; 1 CATV Port to connect CATV devices; 5 10/100Base-Tx and 1 10/100/1000Base-Tx ethernet LAN ports to connect other ethernet devices.

Connecting with a GEPON OLT, the transmission distance of the ONUE5C1 reaches up to 20Km. It can be applied in network cafe fiber-in, Fiber to the home, Fiber to the building solutions.

The whole GEPON system consists of GEPON OLT (Optical Line Terminal), ONU (Optical Network Unit), and fiber splitter. OLT offers mostly 4 upstream port and 4 downstream GEPON port. Each GEPON port can connect 32 splitters in a Single fiber/WDM Fiber line, so a single OLT can support up to 128 ONUs. The transmission distance of the system can reach up to 20Km.

Main Features:

  • Adopting WDM technology (Upstream: 1310nm; Downstream: 1490nm), connecting ONUs to the OLT with a single fiber, the transmission distance reaches up to 20Km.
  • Flexible Bandwidth Assignation: For downstream, the ONUE5C1 share the bandwidth with encrypted broadcast method; For upstream, the ONUE5C1 share the bandwidth with TDMA technology. It supports auto speed adjustment, its lowest adjustment rate is 1Kbps.
  • Support Multicast, end users can optionally apply for VOD, Video conferencing, etc.
  • Binding with PC user name, MAC and IP addres, preventing PC, user accounts from being hacked.
  • Support multiple LLID and Single LLID configurations. Different users, different application can use different LLID access. Ensure the different QOS priorities for end user.
  • CATV: 1310/1490nm optical signal, receiving 1550nm optical signal, analog CATV signal, IPTV signal, high definition TV signal, satellite signal.
  • Easy installation, Support local/remote management and provision. Integrated to use with OLT, the gepon system implements remote failure detection and location. Which greatly saves the maintainence cost.
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