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Warehouse Management ::

Managing warehouses in the Ready Made Garments Industries is on the big challenges. Considering the Size, Safety and standards needed to comply new approach is needed. Using the state of the art technology we designed solutions that is just Ready to Deploy decreasing dependency of human factors.

Safety and Security::

1. GSM Based incidental Monitoring and Alarm Panel:: Equipped with GSM based battery backed up wireless GSM panels with wireless SMOKE, GAS (CO, CO2, Natural Gas), FIRE, WATER LEVEL, PIR any one can get a REAL TIME ALERT notification for any specified evens on any specific area to multiple persons at a time. LIVE VIEW of any incident would help to take any decision and take immediate actions. In any situation .. no power, no light, no internet, no person on siteā€¦ would not affect.

2. Auto Fire Extinguisher : For Any emergency Case if fire break outs.. AFO would take care of the fire automatically.

3. GSM Based Smoke/Pepper Spray :: For any emergency situation Smoke or pepper spray can be launched remotely to hinder free movement of the warehouse.

Management and Control::

1. RFID tagging of the Cartoons :: Any movement of the cartons from warehouse would be recorded automatically.

2. Full activity Monitoring and Record :: Using high definition camera full activity of the shifting and storing can be monitored and managing the space and arranging the goods as per shipment plan can be organized by remote instruction.

3. Access Control :: Biometric Access Control can be deployed for ensuring only authorized persons can entry

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